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I explore whether the data are consistent with this

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Unformatted text preview: ts and Current Ethnic Fractionalization preliminary and exploratory. With only 52 observations it is not possible to pin down the precise channels and mechanism underlying the relationships with any reasonable degree of certainty. My strategy here is to simply investigate whether the data are consistent with the historic events described in Section II. An important consequence of the slave trades was that they tended to weaken ties between villages, thus discouraging the formation of larger communities and broader ethnic identities. I explore whether the data are consistent with this channel by examining the relationship between slave exports and a measure of current ethnic fractionalization from Alesina et al. (2003). As shown in Figure VI, there is a strong positive relationship between the two variables.18 This is consistent with the historic accounts of the slave trades impeding the formation of broader ethnic identities. This consequence of the slave trades is important because of the increasing evidence showing that ethnic fractionalization is a...
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