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Alternative explanation is that countries that were

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Unformatted text preview: mic development An alternative explanation is that countries that were initially the most economically and socially underdeveloped selected into the slave trades and these countries continue to be the most underdeveloped today Need to identify the direction of causality (find an instrumental variable) Historical Background Between 1400 and 1900 -- African continent experienced four simultaneous slave trades Largest and most well known is the trans-Atlantic slave trade beginning in the 15th century slaves shipped from West Central Africa and Eastern Africa to European colonies in the New World Three other slave trades: Trans-Saharan Red Sea Indian Ocean These trades much older -- predated trans-Atlantic slave trade Trans-Saharan slave trade : slaves taken from south Saharan desert to Northern Africa Red Sea slave trade: slaves taken from inland of the Red Sea and shipped to the Middle East and India Indian Ocean slave trade: slaves taken from Eastern Africa and shipped either to Middle East and India or to plantation islands in the Indian Ocean THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF AFRICA’S SLAVE TRADES 147 TABLE I SLAVE ETHNICITY DATA FOR THE TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE Location Valencia, Spain Puebla, Mexico Dominican Republic Peru Mexico Peru Lima, Peru Colombia Mexico Dominican Republic Chile Lima, Peru Peru (Rural) Lima, Peru Colombia Guyane (French Guiana) Colombia French Louisiana Dominican Republic South Carolina Colombia Spanish Louisia...
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