Areas selected into the slave trades population

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Unformatted text preview: e slave trades on income (1) Using historic data: can evaluate importance and characteristics of selection into the slave trades (2) Find instruments for slave exports Historical Evidence on Selection during the Slave Trades Using data on initial population densities Check whether more or less prosperous areas selected into the slave trades Population density is a reasonable indicator of economic prosperity 158 QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS FIGURE IV Relationship between Initial Population Density and Slave Exports obtained if civil wars or conflicts could be instigated (Barry 1992; Inikori 2003). As well, societies that were the most violent and hostile, and therefore the least developed, were often best able to resist European efforts to purchase slaves. For example, the slave trade in Gabon was limited because of the defiance and violence of its inhabitants toward the Portuguese. This resistance continued for centuries, and as a result the Portuguese were forced to concentrate their efforts along the coast fur...
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