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Lecture 8 Notes

Instruments are valid historical evidence suggests

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Unformatted text preview: tion of supply did not influence location of demand If sugar plantations were established in West Indies because West Indies were close to Western Coast of Africa instruments not valid If instead slaves were taken from Western Africa, because it was relatively close to plantation economies in West Indies instruments are valid Historical evidence suggests this to be true location for demand of African slaves was determined by a number of factors all unrelated to the supply of slaves In West Indies and southern U.S. slaves were imported because of climates suitable for growing commodities such as sugar and tobacco Existence of gold and silver mines was determinant for demand of slaves in Brazil In northern Sahara, Arabia, and Persia slaves were needed to work in salt mines In the Red Sea area slaves were used as pearl divers THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF AFRICA’S SLAVE TRADES 161 FIGURE V Example Showing the Distance Instruments for Burkina Faso 4. The overland distance from a country’s centroid to the closest port of expor...
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