ancestry adjusted agricultural and state history

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Unformatted text preview: direct effects. iterature Review Biological Transmission, Direct Effects •  Galor and Moav, 2002 •  Selec>on of Quan>ty vs Quality fer>lity strategies as a factor in the demographic transi>on and industrial revolu>on. Posi>ve produc>vity shock may have triggered selec>on of ‘Quality strategy leading to endogenous transi>on out of Malthusian dynamics. •  Clarke, 2007 •  Biological spread of high- produc>vity traits as an explana>on for the industrial revolu>on. In England, rich were more fer>le than poor, leading to downward social mobility and spread o economically successful traits (hard working, etc.). •  Ashraf and Galor, 2010 •  Highly produc>ve socie>es characterized by an ‘op>mal’ amount of gene>c diversity (too much diversity hinders coopera>on, too liNle hinders crea>vity). As humans migrated out of Africa, diversity fell with migra>on distance crea>ng a gradient with a high- produc>vity swee spot. I don’t like any of these papers! They provide very liBle evidence for specific gene4c mechanisms. iterature Review Cultural Transmission, Direct Effects •  Tabellini 2008, 2010; Greif, 1994, 1996; Guiso, Sapienza and Zingales, 2008; Putman, 1993 •  Influence of cultural traits on ins>tu>onal development, persistence, and change (theore>ca frameworks and empirical tests) •  Grief and Tabellini, 2010 •  Cultural differences explain divergence of China and Europe (kinship- based hierarchy vs non- kin urban coopera>on) •  Gorodnichenko and Roland, 2011 •  Trade- off between individualism and collec>vism, using gene>c variables as instrument for culture •  Depke and ZiliboI, 2008 •  Altruis>c parents shape children’s preferences, conver>ng Bri>sh middle class into capitalists aRer industrial revolu>on. iterature Review Cultural Transmission, Direct Effects (Con>nued) •  Fernandez and Fogli, 2009; Alesina and Guiliano, 2010 •  Examine intergenera>onally transmiNed traits (fer>lity behavio...
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