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Kendall nannicini trebbi 2014 how do voters respond to

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Unformatted text preview: [0.009] -0.019 [0.017] 0.023 [0.018] -0.006 [0.013] -0.029 [0.022] 0.022 [0.024] Units: 86 precincts (European), 84 precincts (National), 83 precincts (City). OLS coe¢ cients reported. Robust standard errors clustered at the polling place level in brackets. Kendall, Nannicini & Trebbi (2014): “How Do Voters Respond to Information?” Motivation Empirical model Experimental design Reduced-form results Model estimation Conclusion The (randomized) electoral messages We in‡uenced voters’information only with two campaign tools (H ), at the margin of the overall campaign (W ). But: Voters received only our mailers from the incumbent campaign Voters received only our phone calls from either campaign To stay away from the game between incumbent, opponents, and voters: We based each message on information provided by the incumbent We let him choose between two alternative ideology messages To devise actual informational treatments: We corroborated each message with factual and veri...
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