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From there he can begin his search for knowledge in

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Unformatted text preview: self why he exists (Perry, 139). From there, he can begin his search for knowledge in his new method to define knowledge in a Galilean – Newtonian – Cartesian sense of method. By doubting everything until he can prove it completely and unequivocally, Descartes knows what he knows and can trust what he now knows as correct. Short Essay Options (10 points) Write two, detailed paragraphs on one of the following questions. Your response should be well structured and legible. You may use Perry’s text for the essay portion of your exam only. Draw from and include short, relevant texts from the primary reading. Give a parenthetical citation after quotation with appropriate page number: (Perry, __). 1. Discuss Socrates’ philosophic mission as set forth in Plato’s Apology? With what does Socrates charge his fellow Athenians should be concerned? Socrates’ philosophic mission is, as Henry David Thoreau put it in Walden, “"Rather than love, than money, than fame, gives me truth”. Socrates philosophic mission is the gain knowledge, or truth, thr...
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