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His philosophical mission is derived from his

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Unformatted text preview: ough careful logical investigation of all arguments made. His philosophical mission is derived from his encounter with the oracle of Delphi, who asserts that he, Socrates, is the wisest man on earth (Apology, 21A). He begins a quest to disprove her, in the process visiting with many wise men throughout Greece. Socrates visits with politicians, poets, and craftsmen. Each class of people claimed to be wise in their specialty, but asserted knowledge over other facets of life that were untrue. (Apology, 22A-B). Throughout his encounters, he realizes that all these wise men do not even know what they do not know, verifying the oracle prophesy and convincing Socrates that he is the wisest because he admits what he does not know. Socrates claims that younger critics will be harsher. More citizens of Athens will become subversive and that Socrates will no longer be able to stifle their contempt for the ruling masses. Socrates says to the judges who just condemned him to death “you are wrong if you believe that by killing people you will prevent anyone from reproaching you for not living in the right way” (Apology, 39D)....
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