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The self is defined by descartes as the thinking

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Unformatted text preview: rrefutable knowledge. The self is defined by Descartes as the thinking thing, “not admitting that I am anything other at all other than a thinking thing” (Perry, 139). Since we cannot be assured of anything that we experience as objective, IE outside of our own perception, we cannot conclude that the self is anything but the thing that thinks, not the thing that perceives. By this same argument, we cannot support the claim that the world even exists, if there is no way to support that perception is of a real thing. Therefore the self exists because it perceives itself to exist. When looking at the nature of things, the self for men, Descartes lists their qualities that are measurable like the smell, taste, feel, and sound. All the tangibles that we perceive are not what make up the object, or in the case of men, our self. The object or self remains even when it changes state as wax does (Perry, 140). Descartes has a ‘firesale’ of things he believes he knows: everything must go. Once he has doubted the existence of anything, he begins at the most basic, himself, and proves to him...
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