Productivity, Quality and saftey

Baseline current management practices behaviors and

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Unformatted text preview: downtime. Baseline current management, practices, behaviors and performance. n Inventory and define acceptable behaviors, commit resources, establish tracking and measurement systems. n Implement best practices in the field, measure conformance. n Provide training, build commitment and reinforce implementation of best practices. These separate efforts can be combined into a company philosophy of continuous improvement that addresses productivity, quality and safety. The general steps for a program that includes all three is listed below: To stay current in the highly competitive construction environment may demand re-engineering of the methods and manner in which construction corporations operate and view their investment in productivity, quality and safety. The concept that productivity, quality and safety are all closely related is not difficult to grasp. It starts with doing things according to pre-established standards. Those construction firms that recognize the relationship between productivity, quality and safety and take action will save lives, increase profits and have a whole lot more fun. About the Authors George Berg and Rick Dutmer are part of FMI’s Quality Productivity Improvement Group. FMI, the nation’s largest management consulting firm specializing in the construction industry, has offices located in Raleigh, N.C.; Tampa, Fla.; and Denver. Official Publication of AWCI 105...
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