Productivity, Quality and saftey

Direct field labor is one of the largest components

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Unformatted text preview: . Direct field labor is one of the largest components of the cost of 96 Construction Dimensions r April 1998 better training, task instruction, understanding of the quality standards and some system to observe and measure if the desired results are being achieved. Simply put, better management is needed. Again, training (how) and task instruction (what) given in a clear unambiguous manner are essential. Procedures for putting the work in place must be discussed and detailed in daily planning sessions. Then observation must be made to ensure the task is being carried out correctly. Measurement and reinforcement of the appropriate behaviors must also occur. Task instruc- tion, developing task procedures and making observations to reinforce work being accomplished according to plan is essential to productivity. QUALITY The quality of the initial installation of construction materials can be a key factor in the profitability of many projects. Making crafts people aware that they should accomplish their tasks according to a standard (e.g., t...
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