Productivity, Quality and saftey

Effective planning training communication and

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Unformatted text preview: ehaviors are being exhibited. Effective planning, training communication and motivation are the tools for encouraging people to do their work correctly. The table on page 104 com- 102 Construction Dimensions r pares the traditional and a more contemporary view of productivity, safety and quality Where there is a history of, or potential for, major productivity, quality or safety problems combined, the job/task training will decrease substandard performance. Accidents and losses will be reduced and productivity increased. Losses have their origin in the same set of circumstances. n The basic causes of low productivity, subquality and accidents are the same. n Chance determines whether these common causes result in loss to people, property or productivity. April 1998 n The vast majority of lost productivity, subquality and accidents results from inadequacies in the management system. n Losses to people, property and production don’t just happen, they are caused. n Adequate programs, task planning and compliance with these standards can effectively control...
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