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Productivity, Quality and saftey

Safety the occupational safety and health

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Unformatted text preview: SAFETY The Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that the construction industry continues to have the highest work place injury rate of any major sector. In 1987, the Bureau of Labor statistics reported that the construction industry ranked first in both fatality and injury rates, a number that has not changed in 1997. The National Safety Council reports that construction accidents claim six lives and are responsible for nearly 520 disabling injuries every workday. In an E NR a rticle titled, “Unions Building a Health Machine,” it was reported that approximately 2,100 construction workers die in the United States each year. Besides being a tragedy for the individuals and the families involved, the construction industry’s record of safety increases the cost of doing business. The construction industry’s track record on safety is poor, very costly and in need of improvement. Construction accounts for only 5 percent of the gross national product, but 20 percent of the workplace a...
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