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Productivity, Quality and saftey

When field forces are put into situations where

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Unformatted text preview: the basic causes of loss. When field forces are put into situations where productivity, quality and safety standards are compromised, the cost of the project can escalate dramatically. Doing things in the field correctly can go a long way toward increasing productivity, quality and CONTEMPORARY TRADITIONAL Proper job/task instruction Standard job/task procedures Productivity procedures Quality procedures Safety procedures Planned job/task observations Productivity observations Quality observations Safety observations Positive reinforcement for doing the job the right way 104 Productivity instruction Quality instruction Safety instruction Productivity reinforcement Quality reinforcement Safety reinforcement Construction Dimensions r April 1998 n improving safety. When there is a conscientious process improvement effort in one area, the other areas benefit as well. Field productivity improvement programs, safety training and programs like Total Quality Management will pay for themselves through increased productivity, lower employee turnover, lower insurance rates, less rework, lower labor cost and reduced...
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