Productivity, Quality and saftey

G the contract specifications is an important aspect

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Unformatted text preview: he contract specifications) is an important aspect of getting the job done right. Pre-task planning, coordination of the materials, tools and equipment, proper instructions and trade or technical skills are critical to proper installation and, ultimately, the project’s success. Measurement to determine that these critical activities are occurring is vital, but there must also be reinforcement for doing the work correctly according to agreed upon standards. Deficiencies in quality manifest in a variety of ways, chief among them is rework. The cost of rework is tremendous. Research performed by the Business Roundtables Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness Project concluded that losses in production primarily resulted from absenteeism and turnover. The root cause of this is workers having to perform their jobs in unsafe working conditions and having to perform excessive rework. Installing work usually includes selecting the material, purchasing the material, transportation to the workplace, unloading and staging. T...
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