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6 consider your options work may involve heavy

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Unformatted text preview: h as extreme heat, rain or slippery surfaces. 6. Consider your options Work may involve heavy lifting, awkward postures and repetition: • Provide mechanical equipment or co-worker assistance when possible. • Rotate individual job tasks among workers within the same job and skill level when machines, tools or equipment are not available to do the work. By sharing jobs, workers are less likely to get injured. 7. Learn from your past accidents and near-misses You can prevent future injuries if you understand what caused an accident or a near miss: • Investigate accidents and near misses to find their causes. • Brainstorm with your workers to discuss how the job can be improved. • Make changes and then follow-up to make • • sure they are effective. Shut down that part of the job where life- threatening conditions are present. Recognize individual workers who use safe work practices and serve as an example to other workers. 8. Encourage rest breaks and frequent hydration Workers who feel healthy and energized tend to be more productive with better work quality, particularly in the afternoon hours: • Be...
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