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Allow a few more rest breaks this will reduce fatigue

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Unformatted text preview: aware of fast-paced schedules, especially during the summer heat. Allow a few more rest breaks. This will reduce fatigue and may prevent costly re-work. • Encourage your workers to take short walks to pick up tools. This provides a few minutes of rest. • Provide plenty of water and encourage your workers to drink frequently. • Remember, heat illness can kill in less than one hour of exposure to extreme heat and humidity. 9. Promote health and fitness Workers who are fit are less likely to be injured. If they do get injured they heal faster: • Working in a physical job is not a substitute for doing exercises that can help to increase strength and flexibility. • Encourage your workers to incorporate personal fitness by working out, doing stretching exercises, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep. As a foreman, you are in a key position to help increase your company`s work production while reducing on-the-job injuries. Cal/OSHA Consultation Service WRITERS AND EDITORS Zin Cheung, Rick Hight, Fran Hurley, Kristy McKoon-Schultz PAGE LAYOUT AND DESIGN Jitan Patel ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Our thanks are extended to the following for...
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