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Unexpected production costs and missed deadlines can

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Unformatted text preview: e superintendent. Unexpected production costs and missed deadlines can cut into your company's profits. • Injured workers are not as productive as healthy workers. • When you reduce injury rates, you automatically increase productivity. • Healthy workers are more likely to meet job requirements and project deadlines. • • Arrange for materials and equipment to be at the job site on time. Teach your workers to rotate their heavy and light tasks to prevent overexertion. 4. Schedule enough workers to do the job When the schedule is tight, workers tend to take shortcuts and get careless. Be careful not to overwork your crew: • Schedule a full work crew. When there are enough workers to help each other with heavy tasks, your chances of losing crew members to injuries will be reduced. • Look for signs of fatigue, especially in workers who work extended hours or unusual schedules. 5. Train workers in job processes and tool use 2. Encourage employee attitudes toward safety Most Frequent Injuries in Construction Trades State Compensation Insurance Fund, 1998 Body Part BACK FINGER(S) KNEE HAND(S) Percentage of Total Injuries 21% 10% 7% 5% Average Direct Cost * $33,874 per claim $10,503 per claim $26,655 per claim $14,417 per claim *Includes total incurred medical, total incurred compensation and...
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