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Designing for construction saftey

Construction accidents1 accidents

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Unformatted text preview: ut some or all of the work to specialty trade contractors Project owners occasionally contract with a design­ build firm to perform both design and construction Root Causes for Construction Accidents1 Accidents Inadequate construction planning Lack of proper training Deficient enforcement of training Unsafe equipment Unsafe methods or sequencing Unsafe site conditions Not using safety equipment that was provided Toole, “Construction Site Safety Roles”, 2002 1 Accidents Linked to Design1,2 Accidents 22% of 226 injuries that occurred from 2000­2002 in Oregon, WA and CA 42% of 224 fatalities in US between 1990­2003 In Europe, a 1991 study concluded that 60% of fatal accidents resulted from decisions made before site work began Behm, “Linking Construction Fatalities to the Design for Construction Safety Concept”, 2005 1 European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions 2 Where Do Design Professionals Fit In? Fit Considering safety issues related to the permanent facility during the design stage Designing out anticipated hazards Considering Safety During Design Offers the Most Payoff1 Offers High Conceptual Design Detailed Engineering Procurement Ability to Influence Safety Construction Start-up Low Project Schedule 1 Szymberski 1987 What Types of Design Decisions? What IBC paragraph 704.11.1 requires that a parapet wall be at least 30 inches high OSHA 1926 Subpart M requires a 36­42 inch guardrail or other fall protection If the design professional specifies a 36­42 inch high parapet wall, fall protection would not be required DfCS Process1 DfCS • Establish design for safety expectations • Include construction and operation perspective • Identify design for safety process and tools Design Kickoff Design Trade contractor involvement Gambatese 1 Internal Review • QA/QC • Crossdiscipline review External Review • Focused safety review • Owner review Issue for Construction DfCS Barriers DfCS Like many good ideas, DfCS faces a number of barriers that will likely slow its adoption. Potential solutions to these barriers...
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