URS case analysis ppt.

Responsibility engineers estimators interns

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Unformatted text preview: of proximity and related work —༉  Parallel Teams Ø།  Teams comprised of relevant status —༉  Project Teams Ø།  Time- constricted work teams —༉  Management Teams Ø།  Laterally- integrated sub- units URS Project Teams —༉  Project Teams Ø།  Nature of the work Ø།  Timely responsibility designation Delegation of Responsibility —༉  Engineers —༉  Estimators —༉  Interns Communication Formal channels —༉  Messages related to the professional activities Informal channels —༉  Spontaneously created responses to individual choices Upward communication —༉  Provides feedback to higher- ups Downward communication —༉  Channel down to employees URS Formal channels —༉  Needs to be professional and in- depth Informal channels —༉  Personal and social messages Upward commun...
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