psych 205 notes

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Unformatted text preview: e0v10.,tes tVtQ 4.IVVlOUYl~ oF t19hf tr iS - colored rcvi3 oP rVJuscle) cov,Srict~ or t/i/0t.fe<; bA5(£j vpovt +hll, a.JYV\OUh+' OF li~M+. "th.e.. /2.eJi V\ Cl - viev+Y'C\.-l +1s.sve n hlY1~ +wu w1Slde ~fl of' ~e. t»-[f. j -,t tLbsorbs Ii1ht I rrcces,sr;2S M1age'5: / M0 ~~ 1nt'o +o ~ 6r1Jti b1 • 0\J rP&\.Ce µcep~r c~ ls-- "12-od > -- 71°'-V A. ke,,y ro/Jl iVl VIJ1.hf(Pe (ifhef"tl ( ~l~loV\ . CoVleS . . pl~ (A, 'rR>.f role IV\ a/A\f 1'~~+ I color-- \.llSOh . a ?t\cDisr - ~ trot.e -,vi #e ~+w~. where +fAe optic ~rves t:< ~ exi+ tv\~ <?.,'(e ( b\ \rJ c~ 0 0...
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