psych 205 behavior notes

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Unformatted text preview: o~J eel I~ r.esfXJflded to the. cV"Ol.CIC ·,vi pro~c+ef; bv+ \-.ek+ re de+.ecto K - neu rat/\> tlt\oJ respovtj seJ.e.,cl-1 ve, (y +o v vu--~ s peet+ IC fe_c,.J·u reS' o.P mo fe ct>VVl pLax ~·H VVl. vl 1. , Ges+oJ+ Psycrology - iV\flveV)+faj school of ttvugVrf- +tilAJ ~ ()Vf-aP Ge-rVV!tU'1y dvrivt1 #IJ- f' ·1~+ h<i\,l-{) o~ ~ 20+h c0vrhrr-y . ~ tt11L who Le cc,u;i. be, grectter-- th0Lk1 J.-h,Q ~rvt at: 1K- f>t/VrtS'. OfficQI lllU--<)lQVlS' . . dfSlrepAAcy ~ tetweeV\ vi&Xi1vl a__p~1A.h1ce. ph...
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