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psych 205 behavior notes

psych 205 behavior notes - tJ1:iC/t 02/OG 6-0vWjlioVL Cells...

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tJ1:iC/t @ 02-/ OG 6-0vWjlioVL Cells - CDV\WV1 +vte t1JlOV\4 +lt\t\::\- tMoJ:e., lJ9 ~ V?tic 1t1erve. AVVltACf\Vle Cells - iAdJus+~ imA<Jl bn9h+ne% ~ det-ec+~ vvv+-xw1 \31pt>lcvr Ge\($' - fr£Ml\ftr W\fD -froV\11 r0rJr ~ conBS +o JMj,/iGn i-kw12.0~14tJ Cells - t(l(owr eye, to ~dJv9t \Vl bri~~tl·/d1W\ cM)1:+ioV1~ i-tub~\ ~ lJJ 1~e I ( \qf;(}s J - c,,oV1duc+ed ex,pen VVl~vt+ tAJ!r\,exe -+Vi..e.~ p(aC£.d \f'V\ftroelectrodes- ·1 Y\to +V\e v t~VrA \ co r +~ of CRts'. · ~+1Vlo~J eel I~ r.esfXJflded to the. cV"Ol.CIC · ,vi pro~c+ef; bv+ V'Of- +{ne SfX)t · , \-.ek + v re de+.ec to K - neu rat/\> tlt\oJ respovtj seJ.e. , cl-1 ve, ( y +o vu--~ s pee t+ IC fe_c,.J·u
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