psych 205 behavior notes

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Unformatted text preview: Vlt\,fX5"~ . ~ IS'fVlOL~.., JvVJC+icvt vJh~ i\/\fu 1s froM ovie vlWrDV' -k tlvVlofhu-. ~ CoM.(07 \=ht (07 Ek 1415 Psy 2.D5 C-rs 33% Three'T~p~~ c-P Ww10~ l S..eK\sof'y tVwroVJs - dcr-ec+ ·1VJf-aV'°'-l rW1pv~-es lvi~ +CJ -the c~I Q{6t~ to ix2._ ~ . 'Z-. \-1\o.for Nevron<;- proji:,ct MOV\S out frDM .ivte. ttJS +oc.cr1ft-o\ V\ · 3 IV1te..()1lVroV1S --- CGVW\~CJ +Vie <;R.NfS:Or\f Dvvtd mojor t>WroVlS G\·\~ ,. V\ifVO!b ct\l_l;. fovV1d furov~ll\ovt- +vie V10NO~ ~~ c+e-tN' +tn°'-+ ?rovl ck vPvri vu s +y pe..s o-F 0uprort- fc r (lf2JJ ro ~· +o - o\JW\ 0-M~ Y1Q.UrOV1S lO I .,. &\ 1IA- IJ..rM)e \fY\CVV\'J -fvV\c+-brt; ~\}roll\ \VV\pV~ 0c\vJ~s. +v-lll.>feA \V\ ane d,ret+IOV'\ ~~etc\ c0v\ S ·1 g\'10\.LS : Ac41cJV\ Po+-eN'+ I ~I _ ~\CO\,\ -SI VjCA lA,, \s : Wt-u_y'O +rcvw;M·l tt~ T" ~...
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