psych 205 behavior notes

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Unformatted text preview: :JV G-OPrl~ or: Ne.eds ;c; J.hl ~c/-eJ!lfj {'t'c Sfudy ot 6ehN.J;oYe~y:. 1 De+i vie 6JiV1 lMl:or z... fxpltA--1V\ ~hcW'iOt" Pied ic+ B-elr\(X..Vi c;ry C.011+-ro l Selilo.Vi O( 3 (_1~y, l-\t1 po+Viesi~, fVYlpiric~I 12£ ~ c.on-tid-t111te ~ DiS(OL('d o ~ J2£Vi-S€. I ITclt?l.ble- l+vpotl/)e~\5 Sc\-etntltic VletV1od 2 12-e_se,CU'"'ClA. M~+Vlod -'iVYl&lfsr~~+vd -~ 1 ~urve.ys '3 Col Le,.c+ DCA.+Ol A-v'LAJ\f 2€ ~, DrCUAJ 5 {2.epor-+- Find (Y\~ l( CoVldUt/OC/\S...
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