psy 205 notes

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ~ . RVtOV10VVliC C.. r C\Nl i t;..f S\JV\'\flll..~V\~+i C vs. pCvYc...s~ f°V'pcdl-1-tf-i r:.. 1l1e CeiVl+r-(7\,l NerVovs S~s+~W1 ( e,,~'), -+Viespi\'\°"\ c,Viord tv"d b~in Th~~?-•~'\,\ ccrd: / A-t P f; b~r..s Tht CNS ·. TV!e 1?JrcdV1 • ~ e I/\ i n dhr ad V1 .. blO Id.!J ier~../ rpf/ek - W\ ed vl \ (,\, 1 po vis 1 ce f'e bell v m • The mid bro.JVl - \-t~PDltLAl-ftiVIU S - lec.+uv'V\: vis: i liVl a.Ntd 11\e~•vi.9 - Te,3W' tvlt uVVl · r~-h {,\J lc>vr fOV'Wlll...+iOVl 'S VbstCuAtiet hl~lt:\. · VtV\1r°'-I • Tne te9merltC\J t.t.'<~e°" -Forebr~iV) • Old !jr<A,iV\ -----~ - 1\-\ALA. l-1\ VS - ~SAL &AN 6-LlA - L "tt'-1\ t1: (, c; ~ST t M -V\~ioi..l fov-ebr"'-lY\ - NuC\Qv!;. {juV1ult 0.(CvbeV\S...
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