Disorders of Ventilation

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Unformatted text preview: port (bad) • If lose surfactant, lung collapses • Alveolar Sacs and Alveolus http://www.ivy­rose.co.uk/Topics/Respiratory/Aveolar_500w.jpg Lung Blood Supply Lung Blood Supply • The lung has a dual blood supply – Pulmonary supply • venous blood, Deoxygenated , pick up system – Bronchial supply • arterial blood, drop off system Inspiration and Expiration Inspiration and Expiration • Inspiration – active process – Diaphragm contracts and lowers (vacuum!) Decrease inside the • Expiration – passive process • Diaphragm – If broken, you don’t breath (Christ Reeves) www.biology.eku.edu/RITCHISO/3... Exchange and Transport of Gases Exchange and Transport of Gases • YOU NEED: • Ventilation (lungs that work: getting gases in) – Pulmonary: gas exchange between outside and lungs – Alveolar: gas exchange btwn alveoli and vessels • Perfusion (Heart that works: getting gas to rest of body) – Supply blood to gas exchange units (alveoli) Ventilation and Perfusion • V/Q Ratio – Ratio of ventilation to perfusion – expresses the ef...
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