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Disorders of Blood Flow in the Systemic Circulation

Diabetics are at risk for this condition 16 16

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Unformatted text preview: igh LDL Cholesterol • • • • • <100 optimal 100­129 near optimal 130­159 borderline high 160­189 high > 190 very high 15 15 Hypercholesterolemia Primary – Usually genetic Secondary – associated with other health problems Secondary Hypercholesterolemia also goes with high blood glucose. Diabetics are at risk for this condition. 16 16 Dietary Elements Affecting Cholesterol Excess calorie intake Saturated fats/ trans­fat Cholesterol 17 17 Major Risk Factors – Major Coronary Heart Disease Coronary Nicotene in ciga vasoconstrictio cause turbulent (associated with Hyperlipidemia) Cigarette smoking Hypertension Family history of premature CHD in a first­degree relative Age – men ≥ 45 years – women ≥ 55 years Women become when they go th menopause bec estrogen levels HDL cholesterol – < 40 mg/dL 18 18 Major Risk Factors – Major Coronary Heart Disease (associated with Hyperlipidemia) She is old. She is can fix that but it obese/ she can fix levels/ she can fix foods). Hypertens stopping the smo gain. Which did Mrs. Smith have? Which are modifiable? What can Mrs. Smith do: Nursing considerations? 19 19 Management of Hyperlipidemia What can Mrs. Smith do...
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