Disorders of Blood Flow in the Systemic Circulation


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Unformatted text preview: Venous Stasis / Varicose Veins 50 50 51 51 Mechanics of Blood Flow Blood flow requires that: – Arterial pressure is greater than venous pressure – Arterial, venous and capillary pressures are greater than the pressure surrounding the vessels 52 52 Disorders of Blood Flow Due to Disorders Extravascular Forces Extravascular Compartment syndrome – Increased pressure in anatomic space that cannot expand – Caused by decreases in compartment size or increase in compartment volume – Common in Soft tissue injury, burns or excessive edema – May need fasciotomy 53 53 Pressure Ulcers Pressure ulcers – Ischemic lesions of the skin and underlying tissues – Caused by compression of blood vessels due to external pressure­ Immobility – External pressure that compresses blood vessels – Friction and shearing forces that tear and injure blood vessels 54 54 Classification of Pressure Ulcers Stage I Stage Persistent red, blue or purples tones, no open areas Classification of Pressure Ulcers Stage II Stage II partial thickness skin loss; presents as an abrasion or blister 56 56 Classification of Pressure Ulcers Classification Stage III Stage Stage III: full-thickness skin loss with damage or Stage necrosis of subcutaneous tissue; presents as a deep crater deep...
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