Disorders of Blood Flow in the Systemic Circulation


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Unformatted text preview: fect on after­load) 64 64 Left Sided Heart Failure Decreased Cardiac output If they enough become confuse become Pulmonary congestion­ cough, blood tinged sputum Orthopnea Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea Cyanosis 65 65 Causes of Heart Failure Most of these structural pro • Valvular Heart disease • Stenotic valvular disease • Congenital heart defects • Cardiomyopathies • Acute Myocardial infarction • Hypertension (pressure the heart has to push against) • Volume overload (renal failure) 66 66 Overview of Signs and Symptoms of Overview Heart Failure Heart Fluid retention and edema Shortness of breath Fatigue and limited exercise tolerance Cyanosis Cachexia and malnutrition (anorexia, thicker blood) Distention of the jugular veins in right sided failure Diaphoresis (profuse sweating) and tachycardia 67 67 Diagnostic Methods for CHF Complete History and Physical – dyspnea, cough, nocturia (peeing at night), fatigue, paroxsymal nocturnal dyspnea (sudden onset of shortness of breath, usually late at night) Electrocardiogram (looks at how well the heart is working electrically) Chest x ray 68 68 Diagnostic Methods for CHF Echocardiogram Normal B 100. BNP­ B­type natriuretic peptide­ remember “Breathing Not Properly” Invasive Hemodynamic monitoring – Central venous pressure (...
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