Disorders of Blood Flow in the Systemic Circulation

To other disturbance in blood flow disturbance

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Unformatted text preview: bolus, vasospasm – Raynaud’s phenomenon 5 Other Factors Contributing to Other Disturbance in Blood Flow Disturbance Varicosities ha stretching occ venous system Abnormal vessel dilation – Arterial aneurysms or varicose veins Compression of blood vessels by extravascular forces – Tumors, edema, or firm surfaces 6 Types of Arteries and Their Types Functions Functions Large arteries – Function mainly in transport of blood Medium­sized arteries – Control distribution of blood flow to the various organs and tissues of the body Small arteries and arterials – Regulate capillary blood flow 7 Pathology of the Arterial System Hypercholesterolemia­ high lipids­Elevated Blood Cholesterol Atherosclerosis– formation of fibrofatty plaque in the intima of large and medium sized vessels­ risk hypercholesterolemia and inflammation Vasculitis­ Inflammation of the blood vessel wall 8 Pathology of the Arterial System Arterial disease of the extremities – thrombus formation, narrowing o...
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