What do you eat hardee prob gall stomach oldcarts

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Unformatted text preview: , we can quantify and use as objective finding P­Q­R­S­T to assess pain P (palliating: make better, provoking: set off, (palliating: make provoking: precipitating: make worse) precipitating Q (quality/quantity) R (radiation, referral) S (severity, signs/symptoms) T (time: when s&s occur) (time: when – Stomach ache after eating. What do you eat? Hardee. Prob gall Stomach OLD CARTS http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3901/3043/1600/oldcarts.jpg Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS Neurotrophic pain that effects one or more limbs Type 1 (no injury with pain) & type 2 (caused by injury but why finger still hurt?) Patho – still being studied – possible mechanism is neurogenic inflammation – Idiopathic CRPS – Symptoms CRPS – Symptoms Symptomatically the same except: – type 2 has had a major peripheral nerve injury Severe burning pain, incapacitating Spontaneous pain – stimulated by little/nothing Edema Abnormalities of Blood flow to skin of area Can be initiated by emotional upset, sympathetic nerve stim. Pallor or rubor, sweating or dryness, skin atrophy CRPS: Treatments CRPS: Treatments Encourage use of limb/s Physical Therapy Analgesics – Narcotics Vicodin, oxycodone, fontanel Sympathetic block, sympathectomy TENS (elec. stim. of nerves), Spinal cord stimulation Treatment of General Pain Treatment of General Pain Take a history Identify source of pain and intervene Non­pharmacological treatment first: position, heat, cold, relaxation, remove from the situation, pillows, DISTRACTION! Pharmacological: non narcotic first DISTRACTION! Be careful of the slippery slope: thinking patients are only drug seeking. Ppl cope with chronic pain differently. Action of Opioids Action of Opioids Endogenous or exogenous chemical substances with morphine like actions – Act at the level of opiate receptors in the CNS Temporary relief of severe pain Drug of choice for cancer patients Opioids analgesics most successfully interact with the mu receptor GIVE NARCOTIC WITH NON­NARCOTIC (morphine) It is and will j and...
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