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extraocular eye muscles extraocular three cn involved

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Unformatted text preview: ocular Eye Muscles Extraocular Three CN involved: – CN III - Oculomoter – CN IV - Trochlear – CN VI- Abducens Six Cardinal Fields of Gaze (pg 293) – Pt holds head straight forward as they follow Pt object around in six positions object – Observe for sustained nystagmus The six c gaze only horizonta fields of g Corneal Light Reflex Corneal This is Strabi not re place the lig bridge Test for balance of extraocular muscles Cover-Uncover Test Cover-Uncover (Pg 293) 1. Have client stare at distant object, then 1. have them cover one eye have 2. Observe uncovered eye for movement as 2. it focuses on the object it 3. Remove eye cover 4. Observe the now uncovered eye for 4. movement as it refocuses movement Ophthalmoscopic Exam Ophthalmoscopic Can be uncomfortable-don’t prolong Examine pt right eye with your right eye & Examine vice versa vice Have pt look over your shoulder at a distant Have point point Direct the light from the ophthalmoscope at Direct the pupil from about 12 in away. the...
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