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Unformatted text preview: Visualize: Visualize: Red reflex Retina/Fundus Optic disc Retinal vessels - A:V ratio: 3:5 to 2:3 Macula Fovea centralis Do not for the lens is Presbyopi musculatu in the agin REFRACTORY ISSUES Astigmatis has a prob the globe blurry Band keratopat the cornea and Abnormals to know: Abnormals Exopthalmos: C disease (hypert see sclera all ar Strabismus: (La the light refract – Exophthalmos – Strabismus Corneal Ulcer: O conditions beca sensitive skin o Cataracts: Lipid – Band Keratopathy – Corneal Ulcer Corneal – Cataracts – Xanthelasma – Ptosis Ptosis Xanthelasma: L skin which are o because the ski Ptosis: Can be a In CVA it is acqu also hereditary born with More Abnormals More Entropion: A on itself and patient Ectropion: A lid. Could be bells palsy or to losing the your eye. You and irritated a dry eye. Hordeolum: ( the lash line Ectropion/Entropion Ectropion/Entropion Hordeolum (vs Chalazon) Hordeolum Conjunctivitis Subconjunctival hemorrhage Pterygium Corneal circus senilis Corneal Chalazon: An is much like a Conjunctivitis often than no bacterial. It i The differenc subconjuncti hyphema is w located Pterygium: A sclera over th their vision b to get throug Corneal Circu on the iris an version of co Problems with the Internal Eye: Problems – Diabetic Retinopathy Diabetic – Papilledema Papilledema – Glaucomatous cupping – Hemorrhages You should n hemorrhagin small childre congenital d baby until pr Otherwise, p hemorrhagic or have DM. Papilledema and looks en Many people HTN when th for eye prob Glaucomatou too much flu not enough b optic nerve i pressure bei QUESTIONS? QUESTIONS?...
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