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MECH466 - Lecture14-LeadLagCompensatorDesign-2009W

How by cs the reason why these are called lead and lag

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Unformatted text preview: ) by C(s). The reason why these are called “lead” and “lag” will be explained lead” lag” in frequency response approach (later in this course). Compensation 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 3 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 4 1 Roles of lead & lag compensators Lead compensator Lead Lead compensator design Consider a system Consider C(s) C(s) Lag compensator Lag Desired pole Im Damping ratio ζ=0.5 Damping Undamped natural freq. ωn=2 rad/s Undamped Lead-lag compensator Lead- Performance specification Performance Take into account all the above issues. Take MECH466 : Automatic Control Damping ratio ζ=0.5 Damping Undamped natural freq. ωn=4 rad/s Undamped 5 Angle & magnitude conditions (review) A point s to be on root locus point Plant Analysis of CL system for C(s)=1 Analysis C(s)=1 Reduce steady state error Reduce 2008/09 G(s) G(s) Controller Improve transient response Improve Improve stability Improve it satisfies it 2008/09 Re CL pole with C(s)=1 C(s)=1 MECH466 : Automatic Control 6 Lead compensator design (cont’d) Evaluate G(s) at the desired pole....
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