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23 derive the relationship for damping ratio as a

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Unformatted text preview: elationship for damping ratio as a Derive function of percent overshoot, from 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control For each pair of secondFor secondorder specifications that follow, find the location of the second-order pair of secondpoles. a) PO = 12%, Ts = 0.6 sec b) PO = 10%, Tp = 5 sec c) Ts = 7 sec, Tp = 3 sec 7 2008/09 MECH466 : Automatic Control 8 2 Problem 4.23 (cont’d) Problem 4.25 Ideas Ideas For the system below, For From a given percent overshoot, we can compute a From corresponding damping ratio ζ. From a given settling t...
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