The sum of the expecta4ons the variance x a random

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Unformatted text preview: Y behave probabilis4cally –  Characterized by density/probability mass func4on or distribu4on func4on •  Condi4onal distribu4on of Y given X: how does Y behave, probabilis4cally, given that X is a par4cular value. Condi4onal distribu4ons: discrete case •  P(Y=y | X=x) = pXY(x,y)/pX(x) –  Condi4onal probability mass func4on •  What would be the condi4onal distribu4on func4on? •  For a given x, •  Is the condi4onal probability mass func4on p(y|x) a probability mass func4on? And for densi4es? ...
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