What then for the variance of a sample mean if the xi

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Unformatted text preview:   The condi4onal density? •  The condi4onal distribu4on func4on? •  . f(y|x) is what you mul4ply f(x) by to get what you integrate to get probability Independence***** •  fXY(x,y)=fX(x)fY(y) •  P(X=x and Y=y) = P(X=x)P(Y=y) •  If two phenomena have no sources of variability in common, would this defini4on be “natural?” Expecta4on •  Sum p(x) 4mes x •  Integral f(x) 4mes x •  The balancing point. •  Sample mean needs the realiza4on of a sample •  Expecta4on needs a theore4cal distribu4on. Proper4es of Expecta4on •  •  •  •  •  •  If X is a random variable And g is a func4on Then Y=g(X) is also a random variable What about the expecta4on of Y?...
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