The two were chosen for their striking patterns of

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Unformatted text preview: crucial. Do you think they are defensible? The texts that I used are appended to these solutions. Here are the histograms. First for the Dickens (A Tale of Two Cities) and second for the Proust (Remembrance of Things Past). (The two were chosen for their striking patterns of sentence structure. Note the wildly different scales on the Y- axis.) 2.7 I was lazy and used SAS for this one, too. Here is the histogram Here is the stem- and- leaf. The sample mean was 114.6, the sample median was (39,50), with midpoint 44.5. The standard deviation was 138.9. Here is the SAS code I used. data prob2_7; input fatalities @@; datalines; 197 5 231 285 278 39 62 33 1 239 166 242 3 1 12 89 531 0 22 13 22 50 ; run; proc print data=prob2_7; run; p...
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