But if t is large then the bound is quite restricbve

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Unformatted text preview: , not minus here typo: should be equal, not minus here typo: no square here typo: need a square here •  Adding a constant is like shi;ing everything over. –  The “spread” stays the same, but –  The center moves over. •  MulBplying by a constant is like stretching everything out. –  If the center is not zero, it gets stretched. –  And the deviaBons get stretched, too. •  (So the squared deviaBon is stretched by the square!) The average is shi;ed by a. And if the center is not zero, it is stretched by b. The variance is unchanged by a. But it is stretched by the square of b. PercenBles •  The 50th percenBle is the median •  20% of the data are below the 20th percenBle •  90% of the data are below the 90th percenBle • ...
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