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Unformatted text preview: of the sample in interval. •  Useful for numerical data CalculaBng a Histogram •  Data: 1, 2, 4 (only three observaBons) •  Bins (0 to 3), (3 to 6) •  First bin has 2 observaBons •  Second bin has one observaBon •  Height of first bar: 2/3 •  Height of second bar 1/3 Lots of histograms are sort of “normal” The exact “bell- shape” up to stretch and slide h]p://hyperphysics.phy- A bit of terminology •  Numerical •  Categorical: Ordinal •  Categorical: Nominal •  1, 2, 17.2 •  High, Medium, Low •  Male, Female Pie Chart Bar Charts Like a histogram, but, technically, different: not intervals for numerical; values for categorical. CumulaBve Frequency The slope of the cumulaBve frequency line reflects the density of observaBons. CalculaBng cumulaBve...
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