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Unformatted text preview: ibuted computing 59 million full time equivalents (approximately 68 million people including part-time teleworkers) 3 Broadband as a new Industry by 2020 Revenues of the entire industry value chain USD25 billion Industry value chain - total employment potential 1.9 million 4 Education Improved accessibility, flexibility and quality for all 100% connected villages can have a virtual primary, secondary, adult literacy and distance education through the village kiosks 5 Health Real time professional medical attention / care available for all Every village broadband kiosk can act as a telemedicine centre 6 Governance and citizen empowerment Real time interface between every citizen and the relevant government agency; virtual single window service Every enterprise, home connection and urban/ rural kiosk can act as a single window government interface Source: CII India’s Broadband Economy: Vision 2010 34 TRAI press release No. 79/2008, 24 September 2008 35 Ibid. India 2012: Telecom growth continues 25 One of the problems that broadband providers face is the multiplicity of approvals needed before laying an optic fibre backbone. Indian states need to proactively look at providing a single window approach to Telecom operators to gain the benefit of faster connectivity. seems to have begun, India is still way behind target. Against a target of 20 million broadband subscribers by 201036, we expect to close at approximately 14 million.37 Though broadband additions are better than ever before, penetration is a marginal 0.3%38 against the global average of 6.1%.39 Wireless internet subscriber base to post strong growth Despite the current challenges, India is expected to rise up in the ranks in subscriber numbers over the next few months.40 It would feature among the top 10 broadband markets by subscribers in 2013.41 However, this may be a long haul as far as penetration levels are concerned. The growth of broadband continues to be hampered by inadequate last mile network coupled with low personal computer/ laptop...
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