Based on this 3g subscriber base could reach 25 to 30

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Unformatted text preview: yers to five to seven operators. • 3G and WiMax are likely to be auctioned in early part of calendar 2009, initially concentrating on top 20 cities in India. Based on this, 3G subscriber base could reach 25 to 30 million by 2012 and 3G revenues would reach around USD4 India 2012: Telecom growth continues to USD5 billion by 2012. WiMax on the other hand, could attract about 8 to 10 million subscribers and could account for about USD1 to USD1.5 billion by 2012. This is based on the assumption that low cost devices and data cards are available and services are affordable. These numbers could see a further upside if the operators innovate to offer more attractive and refined value added services. • MNP is essential for the Indian Telecom Industry. It would provide ease of switching to the subscriber. To create an impact, MNP will need to be spread across the country and there should be easy and affordable porting. Globally, number portability has not induced much churn, however, depending upon aforementioned factors, MNP could lead to some impact in the Indian telecom market. • The entry of MVNOs will help achieve growth faster by targeting niche customer segments. Between 2008 and 2012, entry of MVNO is expected in a 12 operator telecom market. With almost 4 to 5 operators being new, entry of MVNOs would help achieving growth faster. Globally, successful MVNOs are those which already have a distribution network and brand image and India would be no exception. We could also witness some existing brands with customer reach launching into this space – which would fuel further growth in the sector. 9 Key challenges impacting the growth of the Telecom sector by 2012 Even as, positive trends in the Telecom sector and the economy reinforced each other in a virtuous cycle and caused a sharp acceleration in the demand for Telecom services, there are significant challenges for growth in 2012. Most of the significant global Telecom players are either present in the Indian Telecom marke...
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