Broadband conventional as well as wireless is poised

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Unformatted text preview: mpending auction of the 3G spectrum. Broadband — conventional as well as wireless — is poised for a major leap. In the wake of such developments, a concerted effort must be made between the industry and the Government (as the prime mover and regulator on policies in Telecom) on ensuring that policies, regulations and laws are formulated in a manner that creates systematic growth and harnesses the full potential of this industry for the Indian consumer. CII, in collaboration with Ernst & Young, has put together this report, which brings out the current status of the industry with a brief perspective on how that growth has been achieved, and sets the context for the landscape in 2012. It focuses on current issues and the envisaged future concerns and potential points of debate, which would need to be jointly addressed by the industry and the Government in order to enable this industry to continue on its already-impressive growth trajectory, and become the cynosure of the Telecom world. Anil Sardana Chairman National Committee on Telecom & Broadband Confederation of Indian Industry 2 India 2012: Telecom growth continues Introduction Welcome to Ernst and Young - CII industry report “ India 2012: Telecom growth continues”. We are very excited to release this report in association with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for its Roundtable Conference on “India Telecom Landscape 2012.” This report aims to capture the developments witnessed in the Telecom sector over the last few years and analyze historical performance to estimate growth over the next four years. It is targeted at stakeholders in the Telecom industry, including operators, industry practitioners, the Government, content providers, infrastructure builders and equipment vendors. In the report, we examine and evaluate the buoyancy of the Indian Telecom sector through to 2008 and map the key variables that will be the primary drivers for India’s Telecom growth story in 2012. Only change seems to be constant in the Indian Telecom sector. Fixed lines were the main stay till 2004 – which were substitut...
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