Despite this indian telecom companies continue to

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Unformatted text preview: rs for the sector ► • In 2012, the total Telecom penetration The addition of each new subscriber lowers average revenues. Despite this, Indian Telecom companies continue to post better results than investor estimates. Indian Telecom market will continue to grow till 2012 at a robust pace. Telecom landscape in 2012, how will it look? ► • In 2012, the total Telecom subscriber base is expected to reach approximately 690 to 700 million to include about 640 to 650 million wireless users and approximately 45 to 50 million fixed line users, driven by a rise in communications demand from semi-urban and rural India. ► • In 2012, the internet subscriber base is expected to rise to approximately 45 million. Despite 25 to 30 million broadband subscriptions, the broadband penetration is still likely to reach approximately 2.3%. However broadband could see a 30% to 40% increase from the said projections if WiMax services gain traction and entry barriers for customers are significantly lowered through cheaper devices and services. The wireless internet base is estimated to rise to approximately 196 million from the current 76 million. is expected to reach 58% to 60%. Approximately 40% of rural users are estimated to own a phone. Nearly everyone in the urban constituencies in India will have a Telecom connection. Circle B and C would experience the highest growth and would contribute to about 60% of the total mobile subscribers. ► • In 2012, India’s Telecom services industry revenues are projected to reach USD54 billion, as compared with USD31 billion in 2008. (Conversion rate used USD1 = INR40) ► • The blended ARPU is expected to stabilize at approximately INR150 to INR155 by 2010, while MOU per subscriber per month is projected to stabilize at approximately 520 to 530 minutes in 2012. ► • From early to mid part of 2009 to 2012, most of the Telecom circles are expected to have approximately 12 operators(based on state boundaries and socio-economic parameters). However, by the latter half of this period, consolidation activity is imminent and would reduce the potential pla...
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