In the case of 3g ability to offer a full suite of

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Unformatted text preview: ble content �Affordable 3G handsets �Affordable PC/laptops, other customer premise equipment Critical factors that will enable a data revolution in India 3G and WiMax should provide enhanced services through high speed data backed by compelling content. In the case of 3G, ability to offer a full suite of high bandwidth multimedia applications may be hampered by the availability of a single 5MHz carrier. India’s data revolution is going to be fuelled by 3G and WiMax. However, for the data revolution to gain scale and momentum, customized and vernacular content catering to the diverse masses needs to be developed. In our view, entertainment and banking are likely to be the biggest drivers of data services. Several operators in India have experience of running 3G and WiMax services globally. They are going to significantly use this experience to retain their customers and capture a greater share of their wallets. ► • Services would have to be affordable to drive penetration. Global experience has shown that expensive data pricing contributes to poor user experience and adoption levels. Flat rate plans with unlimited data usage has resulted in significant data volume. However, given 18 India 2012: Telecom growth continues the price sensitive nature of the Indian market, operators will have to combine global experience with the Indian 2G experience. • Handset and end use equipment affordability would also be critical to drive penetration. 3G services would require cost effective phones and data cards, while WiMax will require low cost PC/laptops and customer premise equipment. This is especially true in the case of WiMax where the eco-system is not as developed as compared to 3G. ► • 3G and WiMax will, in our view, are complementary technologies serving different markets. 3G will cater to full mobility voice and data while WiMax will cater to fixed or limited mobility broadband and voice services. This could change once the business case for mobility based WiMax is proven across the globe and there is significant development of eco-system ar...
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