In the first nine months of 2008 while the four

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Unformatted text preview: the most populous states are expected to have the maximum wireless subscribers. It has been noted that the net wireless addition in Circle C has begun to exceed metropolitan cities. In the first nine months of 2008, while the four metros added 10.3 million subscribers, Circle C had an addition to 11.3 million subscribers.12 This trend is expected to continue till 2012. Rising rural spread Next wave of growth from Circle B and Circle C We expect wireless growth to increasingly emerge from rural India. In December 2007, tele-density in metropolitan circles was close to 75%, rural tele-density was still below 10%. In 2012, rural subscribers will account for almost half the total wireless base.11 In 2012, the majority of new wireless subscribers will emerge from Circle B and Circle C.13 Based on analysis, Circle C will garner approximately 102 million subscribers and will exceed metros, which will have approximately 62 million subscribers. Projected circle wise wireless subscribers (in millions) Service area December2007 2012 F Growth (%) No. of states Metros 41 62 8.6 4 A 83 207 20.1 5 B 83 276 27.2 8 23 102 35.2 6 230 648 23.0 23 C Total Source: CII-Ernst & Young Analysis F = Forecast 9 10 Wireless Intelligence, Subscriber Statistics, December 2007 11 CII-Ernst & Young analysis 12 TRAI press release No. 11/2008, 22 January 2008 and TRAI press release No. 86/2008, 24 October 2008 13 CII-Ernst & Young analysis India 2012: Telecom growth continues 13 ARPUs will stabilize; data services to have a positive impact As the subscriber base continues to increase in India, operator ARPUs have steadily declined. However, there is likely to be a level of stabilization in the average revenues per subscriber for the Indian operator over the next couple of years. Blended ARPU is likely to stabilize at INR 150 to155 by 2012,14 while MOU per subscriber per month would stabilize at approximately 520 to 530 minutes per...
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