The broadband divide among nations is apparent in

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Unformatted text preview: e a decision is taken and LLU is allowed. • There is a need to redefine the speed of conventional fixed line broadband. It should be hiked from the current 256 kbps to at least 2 mbps. The broadband divide among nations is apparent. In Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, the minimum advertised broadband speed is more than the maximum speed in Cambodia, Bangladesh and Laos.46 • For broadband penetration to increase, tariffs need to reduce. In India, a subscriber is offered unlimited downloads on a 256 kbps line for a minimum of INR999. However, a subscriber in Singapore gets unlimited 8mbps fixed broadband, 2 mbps wireless broadband and access at some 800 Wi-Fi hotspots for just INR1,575 per month.47 This differential reflects the urgency to revise the tariff structure to see a considerable breakthrough in achieving optimum broadband penetration levels. • There is a need to develop content that meets the need of the Indian consumer. While the immediate benefits of broadband will be for business users, the real gains will be for rural India in applications such as telemedicine, e-commerce, e-education and e-governance. The prices have to be lowered to popularize broadband services among the rural masses. The availability of content that caters to the needs of the rural population might be as important as low tariffs for this consumer group. 43 CII-Ernst & Young analysis 44 Ibid. 45 “Laying the Foundation: WiMAX in Asia/Pacific 2008”, Springboard Research, July 2008 46 47 Ibid. India 2012: Telecom growth continues 27 27 Operators to target for larger “share of the wallet” “Now the fundamental framework of business is to take a share of the wallet of an individual. We think that information, communication and energy are essential for every individual living in today’s world. That is what we are really pursuing!”48 Every Telecom service provider is looking beyond the basic voice services by offering a composite bouquet of bundled offerings. For example, nearly all the leading operators, including incumbents, are in the testing phase to launc...
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