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Network operators excellent communication service

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Unformatted text preview: istribution network (Taiwan) Media/content providers Well-recognized brands and ownership of multimedia contents Virgin Mobile (Australia) Mobile resellers and distributors Knowledge of local mobile markets; existing customer base Aurora, Arcoa (Taiwan) Mobile network operators Excellent communication service brands; strong customer and network control; customer care and billing experience PLDT (Philippines), China Unicom (Hong Kong) Cable operators Entertainment and communication service integration; bundling capability Jupiter (Japan), MiTV (Malaysia) Fixed operators Fixed mobile convergence; bundling capability AAPT (Australia) Banks and financial services Large customer base, emergence of electronic credit card; wallet and cash applications Merchantrade (Malaysia), KFTCI (Korea) Private equity Strong financial position Tune Talk (Malaysia) Source: Ernst & Young analysis and Yankee Group 20 India 2012: Telecom growth continues Examples in Asia and the beauty of the model then lies in the endless possibilities of customer segmentation where the targeted segments can go beyond the obvious break-down of youth, enterprises, sports fans, low-spending groups and regional communities. Critical success factors for an MVNO player in the India market ► • MVNO operator will need to have a strong distribution network, effective customer service channel and strong financial fundamentals. ► • Leading business houses could be better enabled with their spread across retail sector, financial services, media, aviation, handset distribution and the hospitality sector. Globally, there has been an emergence of non-telcos as significant players in this space. They are best positioned to leverage upon their existing strengths of customer know-how and reach. ► • New players will need to leverage their existing strengths to create a niche through content tie ups and/ or through customer segmentation. Full potential of Mobile Number Portability guidelines yet to be realized While most countries imple...
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