For the last couple weeks i really want to challenge

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Unformatted text preview: uggle with. For the last couple weeks I really want to challenge myself to understand this material because I think it is a great asset to have in the real world and a great way to make a profit, but I am not ready to put my own money at stake. Hopefully by the end of Project three I am able to increase my standings in the class ranking, get back to a positive return, be more comfortable with predicting which assets will project the highest return in the future, and be able to form a portfolio that is highly diversified and able to perform better than the index. Appendices Arithmetic Return: Portfolio: -2.5915% Index: 0.7872% Geometric Return: Portfolio: -2.6593% Index: 0.7841% Standard Deviation: Portfolio: 3.8549% Index: 0.8502% Correlation: -0.6251 HPR: Portfolio: -19.8310% Index: 5.9361%...
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